Can a Metal Detector Detect Diamonds?

Can a Metal Detector Detect Diamonds?


Quite simply: diamonds have no metallic properties. Diamonds contain no metal. A metal detector can only detect objects that contain metal.

The same applies to Gemstones and Pearls. We also get asked quite often if we sell Gemstone Detectors or if our metal detectors can be used to find pearls. Again, gemstones and pearls are not metallic and contain no metal so they will not be detectable with a metal detector.

However, you can detect Diamond Rings. Rings are usually made of gold, silver or some other metal, all of which can be detected using a metal detector.

What makes metal detecting such a popular hobby is hunting for rings on the beach in the hope of finding a valuable gold or diamond ring. If you are looking to find diamond and gold rings then yes, a metal detector is definitely capable of doing so.

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