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Choosing a Fishing Magnet
Magnet Fishing

Choosing a Fishing Magnet

Rule of thumb is to choose the strongest fishing magnet that you are capable of throwing 5 meters or more while it's connected to a rope.

As easy as that sounds you also need to consider if you want a single or double-sided fishing magnet, your budget vs magnetic strength and the weight of the magnet.

Budget vs Magnetic Strength
The stronger the magnet the more expensive it is. How far can you stretch your budget?

Single and Double Sided Magnets
A single-sided fishing magnet is where the attachment point of the magnet is on the horizontal top side of the magnet and the horizontal underside of the magnet is the magnetic end.

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How to Pinpoint On The Fly Using Your Metal Detector
Metal Detecting Metal Detecting How To's

How to Pinpoint On The Fly Using Your Metal Detector

To Pinpoint On The Fly is a metal detecting skill you need to master early on as it will save you loads of time and effort. The advantage of pinpointing accurately is that you will dig smaller holes and find your targets faster, leaving you with more time to detect and less time digging huge holes.

X Marks The Spot

When you hit up a good target swing slowly over the target. Keep your metal detector level and as close to the ground as possible as you sweep to your left and right repeatedly in a straight line.

Step 1
You are going to create an invisible "X marks the spot" and this is the first line of the X. Your detector will ping each time the coil passes over the target. Reduce the length of your swing to about 20cm left and right, and wobble your detector over the target until it is constantly pinging above the target.

You will soon get a feel as to where the target is under the centre of your coil along this first line of the X. Y

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