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Are you looking for a Garret Metal detector for sale? Look no further! has a wide range of Metal detectors for sale for you to choose from.

We can highly recommend the following Garrett Metal Detectors:

The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector is a great entry level detector that will do all the basics very well. The Weight is 1.2Kg, there is Three Search Pattern Settings, Three Search Mode Options, the Length: 1.06m up to 1.29mThe ACE series metal detectors combine 40 years of engineering prowess and a head-turning sporty, outdoor design. Made to perform for the 21st Century treasure hunter.

The Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector will be the perfect Metal detector any enthusiast. This detector is full of wonderful features to make every expedition as fruitful as possible. Every user will love all the different variety of modes, settings and the generous display of features that it offers.

Things to consider before purchasing a metal detector:

  • Find out firstly which targets are most likely to be found in your area.
  • Learn the basics about metal detecting before investing in a metal detector.
  • Become familiar with how the functions work on a metal detector.
  • Consider joining a metal detector club in your area.

What exactly is a metal detector?

Metal detectors are electronic instruments which detect the presence of metal. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal objects buried underground. They often consist of a handheld unit with a sensor probe which can be swept over the ground or other objects.

Metal detecting can be a very fun and great hobby that you will thoroughly enjoy metal detecting.

We at are passionate about metal detecting and pursue the hobby ourselves. Are you looking for a Garret Metal detector? See our range of Garret Metal detector for sale below and order online or contact us to discuss your individual requirements with a metal detector specialist that can help and guide you towards choosing the ideal metal detector for your budget and needs today.

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  1. Garrett MS-3-Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones NEW!
    Garrett MS-3-Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones
    Now Only R2,400.00 Regular Price R2,600.00
  2. Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Audio Kit
    Now Only R2,949.00 Regular Price R3,300.00
  3. Garrett Super Wand Hand Held Metal Detector
    Now Only R4,949.00 Regular Price R5,100.00
  4. Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector
    Now Only R7,749.00 Regular Price R8,500.00
  5. Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector -13%Top Seller
    Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector
    Now Only R5,599.00 Regular Price R6,400.00
  6. Garrett ACE 200i Metal Detector -14%Top Seller
    Garrett ACE 200i Metal Detector
    Now Only R3,699.00 Regular Price R4,300.00
  7. Garrett Camo Diggers Pouch
    Now Only R309.00 Regular Price R420.00
  8. Garrett How To Find Lost Treasure Book
    Now Only R109.00 Regular Price R150.00
  9. Garrett Plastic Metal Detector Sand Scoop
    Now Only R489.00 Regular Price R650.00
  10. Garrett SuperSluice 15" Gold Pan
    Now Only R269.00 Regular Price R340.00
  11. Garrett Stainless Steel Sand Scoop
    Now Only R1,279.00 Regular Price R1,680.00
  12. Garrett Edge Digger Knife
    Now Only R839.00 Regular Price R1,100.00
  13. Garrett Submersible Headphones
    Now Only R2,099.00 Regular Price R2,650.00
  14. Garrett Gold Pan Classifier 14"
    Now Only R199.00 Regular Price R240.00
  15. Garrett 10x14" Mono Search Coil for the Infinium LS
    Now Only R2,649.00 Regular Price R3,300.00
  16. Garrett Ace Protective Cover Up
    Now Only R309.00 Regular Price R410.00
  17. Garrett All Purpose Backpack
    Now Only R389.00 Regular Price R520.00
  18. Garrett AT Pro Pointer
    Now Only R2,889.00 Regular Price R3,400.00
  19. Garrett 9″x12″ AT Pro Gold Concentric Coil
    Now Only R2,789.00 Regular Price R3,900.00
  20. Garrett All Purpose Carry Bag
    Now Only R769.00 Regular Price R1,020.00
  21. Garrett Metal Detector Universal Carry Bag Soft Case
    Now Only R2,049.00 Regular Price R3,000.00
  22. Garrett Deluxe Gold Pan Kit
    Now Only R1,199.00 Regular Price R1,600.00
  23. Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector -12%
    Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector
    Now Only R14,099.00 Regular Price R16,000.00
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